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Our genetic testing is the quickest, safest and most accurate way of finding out if you or your family are at risk of cancer

  • Get a consultation faster than the NHS

  • A qualified Genetic Counsellor will let you know if you are at risk

  • Nationwide locations and phone consultations available

Book an initial 1 hour consultation for only £150 to find out if you are at risk

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Our genetic testing for cancer is made up of 3 simple steps

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An initial 1 hour consultation with one of our Genetic Counsellors, by phone or face-to-face

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A blood test appointment - our clinical scientists will test your sample for the relevant genes

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Your Genetic Counsellor will explain your results and how they could affect you or your family

Our genetic testing service is world class

Most genetic testing services just charge you for testing a blood sample. Our Genetic Counsellors are fully qualified medical professionals, meaning that they know whether you need testing, and can offer you the support you need throughout the process.

Our bespoke tests are personalised for you

We don't offer a "one size fits all” standard panel. Our expert Genetic Counsellors will analyse your family history and recommend the most appropriate test and specific genes for you.

Our Genetic Counsellors will give you proper guidance

Your results will be discussed with you in great detail, to ensure that you understand what our lab tests found. We can refer you to a specialist if needed.

Our pricing is fair and manageable

You don't pay for testing upfront because you might not need it. Our Counsellors will tell you if you are at risk and if testing is appropriate. The upfront cost of £150 will be refunded against the cost of the testing if it is needed.

What do you get?

  • A phone call to discuss your situation and to book a consultation

  • An initial 1 hour consultation at a local clinic or over the phone with one of our Genetic Counsellors, only £150, to determine whether genetic testing would be beneficial for you

  • A personalised risk assessment with screening and risk reducing recommendations

  • An appointment where your blood sample will be taken for testing - It is only at this point you will pay for the actual genetic test

  • A post-test results consultation with your Genetic Counsellor

  • A full, comprehensive report and personal letter written by your Genetic Counsellor


Do I need testing for cancer?

Families with an increased genetic cancer risk often show one of the following clues:

  • Several relatives with the same type of cancer
  • Relatives diagnosed at a young age
  • Several affected generations
  • Individuals who have been diagnosed with multiple cancers
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Meet our Genetic Counsellors

Our expert Genetic Counsellors will discuss the implications of genetic testing and explain your results. More importantly, our Counsellors provide emotional support for those who need it.

We provide face-to-face consultations at a growing number of clinics as well as telephone consultations.

Our highly trained Counsellors are all registered with the GCRB and follow the AGNC code of conduct, thereby ensuring they provide the best information and support throughout the genetic testing process.


Do you want your genes tested for cancer risk?

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