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About Us

GeneHealth UK is a national private company and leading UK provider of state-of-the-art genetic testing and genetic counselling services.  Part of Check4Cancer Ltd., who offers the largest range of early cancer detection services in the UK and overseas, GeneHealth UK is dedicated to improving patients’ quality of life by offering genetic tests that help consultants and their patients make more informed treatment and family planning decisions. 

Genetic testing is performed using the most accurate and comprehensive testing methods available: the panels used in BowelGene, BreastGene, OvarianGene, and ProstateGene are not yet available on the NHS. To view our pricing page for these private tests, please click here.

Genetic testing and counselling provides information for relatives as well as for those with a diagnosis of cancer or a cardiac condition which means that advice can be given about the correct treatment or early detection options. All genetic tests include pre and post-test counselling and a risk assessment which identifies the correct genes for testing.


Genetic Counsellors

Our highly trained genetic counsellors are all registered with the GCRB (Genetic Counsellor Registration Board) and follow the AGNC code of conduct, thereby ensuring they provide the best information and support throughout the genetic testing  process.  At GeneHealth UK our genetic counsellors can provide face to-face consultations at a growing number of clinics as well as telephone consultations.

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Genetic Assessment

Genetic counselling is offered prior to all genetic testing services with GeneHealth UK. Our expert genetic counsellors explain the testing process and provide all the information you need to make a decision. They will also provide a personalised risk assessment with screening and risk reducing recommendations.

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Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can help you understand the risk of developing cancer or passing it on to your children. It is a personal decision you should make in collaboration with your family, doctor, and genetic counsellor. Genetic cancer testing looks at the DNA code for a specific gene or genes. It provides information about the gene(s) which are analysed and is usually performed on a blood or saliva sample.

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Individuals with a family history of cancer often question:

Am I at risk?
Are my children at risk?
What can I do to detect or reduce my risk of cancer?
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