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Genetic cancer testing prices

Private cover

Cancer Genetic testing can be useful for two groups of people:

  • Individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer, for whom genetic testing will allow targeted chemotherapy and surgical decisions
  • Individuals who have multiple relatives with cancer, and want to consider the appropriate surveillance and risk reducing options

Individuals meeting NICE criteria are eligible for NHS genetic testing. However, in practice not all eligible individuals have access to genetic testing due to financial restraints. In addition, testing through the NHS usually takes several months preventing individuals from using their results in cancer treatment decision making.

If you are privately medically insured and have been diagnosed with cancer many healthcare insurance companies are likely to pay for genetic testing. Insurance coverage varies depending on the company. Please see below the genetic testing criteria for one insurance company.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are extremely unlikely to cover the cost of genetic testing for healthy individuals. For this reason genetic counselling and testing will have to be paid for privately.

Insurance company referral criteria:

  • Women who are being treated for breast cancer and meet one of the following criteria:
  • One first-degree female relative diagnosed with breast cancer at younger than age 40 years,
  • One first-degree male relative diagnosed with breast cancer at any age,
  • One first-degree relative with bilateral breast cancer (first primary diagnosed <50)
  • Two first-degree relatives, or one first-degree and one second degree relative, diagnosed with breast cancer at any age
  • One first-degree or second-degree relative diagnosed with breast cancer at any age and one first-degree or second-degree relative diagnosed with ovarian cancer at any age (one of these should be a first-degree relative)
  • Three first-degree or second-degree relatives diagnosed with breast cancer”

Genetic testing price list

Test package (includes pre and post-test genetic counselling*) Price Turnaround Time (weeks)
BRCA1 & BRCA2 £1300 3-4
BowelGene £1500 4-6
BreastGene £1500 4-6
OvarianGene £1500 4-6
ProstateGene £1500 4-6
Ashkenazi Jewish mutation £599 2
Single site mutation £599 2


CardioGene test package (includes pre and post-test genetic counselling*) Price Turnaround Time (weeks)
CardioGene HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) £1650 4-6
CardioGene ARVC/DCM (Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy/Dilated Cardiomyopathy) £1650 4-6
CardioGene IAS (Inherited Arrhythmia Syndromes) £1650 4-6
CardioGene Predict £900 2-4
CardioGene ICD/SD (Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases/Sudden Death) £2150 4-6

 * Genetic counselling consultation fee is £150 when no follow up genetic testing is required (up to 1 hour).

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Please note that there is no VAT payable on these costs.

For further information please contact us.

£150 will be charged when you book your initial genetic assessment, the remaining balance for the test package will be payable at the time of sample collection. Should you choose not to have genetic testing following your initial assessment you will not be required to pay the remaining balance, providing no sample has been collected.

Where an insurance company is expected to cover the cost of genetic counselling and testing, GeneHealth UK will only charge the client’s payment card if the insurance company has not provided a pre-authorisation number within 2 weeks of the initial genetic consultation. If the pre-authorisation number is provided at a later date GeneHealth UK will reimburse the client.

In the event that an insurance company does not reimburse GeneHealth UK for services provided, after being presented with the correctly completed invoice, GeneHealth UK reserves the right to charge the client for the services delivered.

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