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Risk of inherited breast cancer

Breast cancer risk assessment

Over the last 4-5 years there has been a significant increase in inherited breast cancer awareness thanks to Angelina Jolie and other celebrities. With new genetic technology and insurance companies covering most genetic testing, the population in general is today very well informed about inherited breast cancer and the availability of genetic testing such as BRCA1 and BRCA2, as well as surveillance with mammography.

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The guidelines below are intended to give general advice about overall risk of breast cancer. For a personalised risk assessment please click here to book a genetic consultation.


Low risk 

• One relative with breast cancer diagnosed over the age of 45

Recommendations:  No further follow-up. Routine mammography only. 3 yearly from age 47


Moderate risk

• One close relative (mother or sister) with bilateral breast cancer at any age

• One close relative (mother or sister) with bilateral breast cancer at any age

• Two relatives (mother, sister, daughter aunt, grandmother, niece) with breast cancer at any age

• Three relatives with breast cancer at any age

Recommendations:  Full risk assessment 

Extra surveillance recommended: Annual mammography from age 40 to 50


Increased risk

Clients diagnosed with breast cancer AND:

• Jewish Ancestry

• Diagnosed < age 45

• Bilateral breast cancer < age 60

• Triple negative tumour

• Ovarian cancer 

• Male breast cancer

• OR Unaffected parent/child or sibling (sister/brother) meeting above criteria

Recommendations:        Full risk assessment and genetic counselling

Consider genetic test testing. 

Extra surveillance / risk reduction techniques


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