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Technical Information

All genetic tests through GeneHealth UK are performed using Next Generation Sequencing with a minimum coverage of 20x and include dosage analysis. At GeneHealth UK we ensure that all genes listed are fully assessed and that there are no clinically relevant gaps.

Next Generation Sequencing may also identify inconclusive results known as variants of uncertain significance (VUS) which are not clinically actionable. The classification of VUS is based on the best currently available scientific evidence. Future scientific research findings may provide evidence to re-classify such variants as either clinically significant or benign.

The identification of a VUS is confusing for both clinicians and clients, as they are usually not clinically actionable but can raise anxiety. VUS rates can vary considerably between panels and laboratories. At GeneHealth UK our VUS rate for the panels is low at 14% compared to the standard rate of 30-40%. GeneHealth UK is able to provide a low VUS rate because our panels are cancer specific and also because our laboratory has a wealth of experience. Our variants are reviewed regularly and at least annually.

Variants are not reported for MultiCancerGene because the test is for healthy indivduals, for whom the identification of variants, will not guide clinical management. 

Our laboratories are accredited to ISO 9001 and ISO 1400 and CLIA standards.


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