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What are genes?

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Genes are the body’s instructions and determine how the body develops and is maintained. Some genes prevent cancer developing: if there is a mutation in one of these cancer genes, then the gene doesn’t work correctly and causes an increased risk of cancer.  Mutations in at least 23 genes can cause an increased risk to specific types of cancer. We also know that there must be other genes which are also associated with cancer. There are approximately 25,000 genes in every cell in our body, and they determine how our body functions, develops and is maintained. Genes come in pairs and each gene has a code, which is like a long sentence with thousands of letters. Changes in this code are called mutations, and some mutations stop the gene working properly and can increase the risk of certain types of cancer.

Testing for cancer

Some genetic mutations can be inherited from your parents, cause an increase risk of cancer. These can be detected from a simple blood test which can indicate the likelihood of developing cancer and help inform screening and risk-reducing options.

How does it work?

Your blood sample will be tested using state of the art Next Generation Sequencing which examines your genetic code in detail, looking for changes in the code as well as large missing or extra parts of the genes.

What will the test show?

There are 3 possible results that your Genetic Counsellor will discuss with you:

  1. A mutation is found that increases your cancer risk
  2. No mutation is found
  3. An unrecognised genetic variation is found

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