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BRCA1 & BRCA2 - Helen

My paternal Grandmother and Aunt both had breast cancer at a young age and I wanted to explore any potential link.  Unfortunately the NHS declined genetic testing stating I did not meet criteria.  Thankfully I found myself in the right place with this service and my genetic counsellor Vicki Kiesel guided me safely through the whole process.  I have come to trust her and her prompt and compassionate responses to me at times of distress have never failed to help.  She is calm, reassuring and her experience and knowledge shine though.  It turned out I had BRCA2 and in 2015 I had a preventative double mastectomy using an excellent surgeon recommended by Vicki.  This kind, sensitive and expert service is exactly what is required at times like this and I am so thankful for my positive experiences in the midst of all the pain and upset.  It has been my life line.  Wishing others best wishes on their journey.

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